Welcome to Tice Elementary

Another school year is upon us here at Tice Elementary, our mission is "To facilitate high achievement for all students in a safe learning environment through an effective and efficient operation".  The vision that we have for our children on a daily basis is "To prepare them for success".  

Tice Elementary offers a variety of unique programs to help our students learn and achieve  their potential, one of those being our dual language program.  The dual language program offers a two-way "50-50" curriculum.  It is a rigorous enrichment program designed to produce maximum proficiency in 2 languages. This program has a balanced enrollment of native English Speakers and bilingual children acquiring Spanish as a second language, and native Spanish Speakers acquiring English as their second language.  Students at Tice are not automatically enrolled in Dual Language.  Please ask for a tour or an application at 239-694-1257.

Ms. Amaya, Austin Shanfelter with Cecilia St. Arnold